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A 10 day all-inclusive cultural immersion & community building journey in 3 different cities in Kenya. 

After living and working remotely in over 30 countries around the world over the past 6 years and 7 different African countries for over a year, our founder will give you an in-depth snapshot of what it is like to live (and work from) Kenya for 10 days. 


Join us on an all-inclusive experience, unlike any trip you've been on before. We'll explore 3 different cities in Kenya (Nairobi, Masai Mara, & Lamu), experiencing some cultural attractions, and meeting similarly situated locals and business professionals, all while fellowshipping amongst each other along the way. Although each day has an itinerary, there's flexibility to opt out of any experience as you please, and there's always a gap in the afternoon so you can check in back home.


 OCTOBER 10th - 19th 2024

There’s still time to finish the year with one less item on your bucket list.  Schedule a discovery call below!


MARCH 6th - 15th 2025

Start off the new year with one less item on your bucket list. Schedule a discovery call below!


Day 1

Nairobi Arrival

Welcome to Nairobi! Upon arrival, you'll be transported from Nairobi airport to the Sankara Hotel in Westlands. Since most flights arrive late in the evening (at 10 pm or later), the first night is simply for you to rest and align your sleep schedule with the local timezone. You'll receive a pre-selected in-room meal of your choice from the hotel's menu and enjoy a restful evening as we prepare for an eventful Day 2. 

Day 2

Exploring Nairobi

When first arriving in any city, the most important first step is getting your geographical bearings and establishing a baseline cultural understanding. We'll venture around Nairobi in the quintessential mode of transportation called a Matatu. With our local guide, you'll receive cultural context as we explore the city. You'll also be introduced to Kenyan cuisine from some local places and if you're not too tired, we'll check out the vibrant nightlife of Nairobi. 

Day 3

Living in Nairobi

For any person living, working or simply exploring around the world, you want to live somewhere that suits your tastes and have a reliable workspace to work from seamlessly. Today, we'll give you a first-hand look at what it feels like to work and live in Nairobi. Then we'll check out some of condos and housing options Nairobi has to offer. To round out the experience, in the evening time we'll have a special intimate event with local business professionals in Nairobi.

Day 4

Journey to the Mara

Today we'll enjoy a scenic road trip from Nairobi to the Masai Mara. This road trip is special because you'll not only get to see the beauty of the Kenyan countryside but also get a different perspective on how life is lived outside of the city.  On the way, we'll make a quick stop at the great rift valley overlook arrive just in time for lunch to get settled into our camp. 

Day 5

Exploring the Mara

Experience the Masai Mara in one of the most relaxing but simultaneously adventurous experiences you can have. Our guides will take us around and you can either look out for the big 5, relax and enjoy the view, or do a little of both as I did. Our Safari trucks are comfortable and even have a cooler in the back. We'll have the option to pack our breakfast or lunch and eat on the Savannah with wifi connectivity for work check-ins as needed. 

Day 6

Culture in the Mara

We'll start the morning with an experience thats not quite like anything else, a hot air balloon safari ride overlooking the vast savannah. We'll land for a champagne breakfast in the middle of the savannah.  In the afternoon we'll visit with Denis, a Masai tribe leader whom I got acquainted with over the years, and visit a Maasai community and learn about their cultural customs and nomadic nature. 

Day 7

Airborne to Lamu 

Today we'll leave the Masai Mara and catch a flight to venture off to a lesser-traveled gem on the eastern coast of Kenya, Lamu. Once we arrive in the island of Shela, you'll relax and get settled, roam or catch up on work before our sunset cruise on their special boats called a Dhow.

Day 8

Swahili Culture in Lamu

Today we'll make a visit to Lamu town, a Unesco Heritage site, to learn about the Islamic and Arabic influence of the East African coast. We'll have free time in the afternoon after lunch ahead of our next special dinner of the trip entitled "Breaking Bread with Extended Family". This dinner brings together local community members in an intimate setting. We'll have culturally relevant cuisine and curated conversation. 

Day 9

Relax in Lamu

FREE DAY!!! As the trip winds down, we all know that its great to have a breather. You can either explore on your own or tap into a plethora of options we can arrange for you including water sports, massages, sound healing and more. We'll cap off the evening with a farewell dinner to reflect on our experience and all that has transpired along this journey. 

Day 10

We outta here baby!

Sadly, this great thing must come to an end but the great thing is you can hang out on the island for another half the day if you wish! Most likely, your international flight won't leave until a little later so you'll enjoy breakfast and a slow morning as you prepare for a smooth departure from which was sure to be the trip of a lifetime. 


Click below and swipe through to view first-hand, on-site testimonials from our community members. 


Handling of Visa

Once you've paid in full and purchased your flight. We'll handle the application process for your entry visa into Kenya also known as your electronic authorization or ETA.


Once you arrive, all transport from the airport to the hotel, within each city and transport to each city is covered. Please see Itinerary details for specific travel days.


5 Star accommodations in Nairobi, Tented Safari Accommodations in the Masai Mara and beach front accommodations in Lamu.


A videographer will accompany us for each day of the journey capturing  our experiences and getting your personal insights and reflections to be artfully edited for you to remember the experience.

Sim Card

While in Kenya you'll experience what I believe to be the most savvy mobile payment system in the world, MPESA. Your sim will not only give you data connection but much more!

2 Special Dinners

During this 10 day experience we'll have a special round table dinner with local professionals plus an experience called "Breaking Bread w/ Extended Family" that will take place in Lamu.


In each location, you will have an opportunity to take photos with our photographer traveling with your group. You will end your experience with individual editorialized photos.

3 Meals A Day

You'll have the option of Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner in each location for each day of the trip. Don't worry we're not skipping any meals!


Travel Insurance

We require that you purchase travel insurance for your experience to give you and us piece of mind leading up to and throughout your 10 day experience with us.

Roundtrip Flight 

Please ensure when booking that the flight arrives on our start date. Most flights from major hubs arrive in the evening. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Extra Room Charges

While the all-inclusive fee covers all your accommodations in each location, it does not cover any additional charges you make to the room (i.e., room service).

Ready to experience Kenya?