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Introducing Our 2023/2024 Chief Storyteller Monika Guwalani

In an exciting new phase for Extended Family, we are thrilled to introduce Monika Guwalani as our Chief Storyteller for the 2023/2024 season. This announcement marks a significant milestone in our journey to explore and celebrate diverse cultures around the world.

Our partnership with Remote Year, the leading provider of community-based work and travel programs, led to the creation of a competition to find the perfect storyteller. This initiative was inspired by my transformative experience with Remote Year in 2017, where I sought out and recorded meaningful connections with locals in each country, focusing on cultural exchange. Remote Year shares our ethos in building meaningful communities and has been providing infrastructure for remote workers to explore and immerse themselves in cultures worldwide for over seven years.

Tue Le, CEO of Remote Year, perfectly captured the essence of this partnership: “This collaboration offers a platform for a gifted storyteller to capture diverse stories and connections, inspiring the next generation of remote workers and travelers.”

Monika’s role is pivotal. She will travel to 12 countries across Asia, Europe, Africa, and Latin America, highlighting local communities, her own travel adventures, and those of remote professionals traveling with Remote Year. Her journey will foster a more intentional and symbiotic relationship between travelers and the places they visit.

In a recent conversation on the sun-kissed beaches of Goa, Monika and I delved into her background and vision for this role. Raised in Abu Dhabi and having lived in Singapore, Monika brings a rich tapestry of cultural experiences that will undoubtedly enhance her storytelling. She expressed her excitement about exploring new cultures and creating content that resonates with our mission to build a more open-minded and inspired global community.

As we sat in a fisherman's boat on the beach, Monika shared anecdotes from her upbringing, highlighting the contrast between her life in the UAE and her return to India. This diverse background gives her a unique perspective, perfectly suited to engage with the various communities she will encounter on her journey.

For those interested in the full conversation and getting to know Monika better, I invite you to watch the video where we delve deeper into her experiences and aspirations. It’s a conversation filled with insights and reflections that are sure to inspire.

As Monika sets off on this incredible journey, we are excited for the stories she will tell and the connections she will make. Her role as Chief Storyteller is integral to our mission of eradicating ignorance through cultural exchange and understanding. We believe that by embracing our differences and learning from one another, we can build a more open-minded and inspired global community.

Join us in welcoming Monika Guwalani to your extended family. Follow her journey as she travels to 12 countries, shares captivating stories, and brings us closer to the people and places that make our world so wonderfully diverse.

For more stories like this and to stay updated on Monika’s adventures, subscribe to our email list. Let’s continue exploring together!

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