Building Extended Family

Building Extended Family
Extended Family CEO, Brandon E. Campbell

After traveling for a year and having recorded conversations with locals to dive deeper into local cultures globally, Extended Family founder, Brandon E. Campbell, was inspired to build a space that invites travelers to explore and engage with local communities more intentionally. Extended Family is a community-based platform for travelers connecting like-minded individuals via virtual and in-person transformational, perspective-shifting experiences.

To superpower its mission, Extended Family amplifies the stories of locals worldwide through recorded conversations with over 50 interviews across 20 countries thus far.

This year, Extended Family is building upon our founder's journey over the past 5 years by seeking a Chief Storyteller to travel the world for a year and tell the stories of local communities worldwide. To achieve this mission, we've partnered with Remote Year, the leading provider of community-based work and travel programs.

The Chief Storyteller will tell stories of locals and travelers alike, focusing on building a more intentional and symbiotic relationship between the places we experience and the people in them. They will travel to 12 countries throughout Asia, Europe, Africa, and Latin America while highlighting stories of local communities, their own travel adventures, and those of fellow remote professionals traveling with Remote Year for 1-month or longer.

"The industry currently entices the traveler by disproportionally highlighting the destination; however, we believe building community in the places we travel to should be inextricable from the travel experience,” said Brandon E. Campbell, Extended Family founder. “We are elated to partner with Remote Year, which shares the same ethos in building meaningful communities, enabling us to provide trusted infrastructure for our Chief Storyteller while they explore, immerse, and tell the stories of local communities across four continents.”

For over 7 years, Remote Year has created a soft landing for thousands of professionals from all walks of life to work remotely, explore, and immerse more deeply into cultures and communities around the world," said Tue Le, CEO of Remote Year. "We are delighted that this partnership with Extended Family will offer a platform for a gifted storyteller to capture those diverse stories and connections to inspire the next generation of remote workers and travelers to take the leap and embark on their own journeys."

To be considered, applicants must create a compelling 60-second video articulating why community is important to them and share it on Instagram and Tik Tok. Applications will go live on May 23nd and close on June 5th. For more information, follow Extended Family and Remote Year on Instagram and Tik Tok. Winners will be announced by early June and will depart later this summer.